A Debate: Is the World Billions or Only Thousands of Years Old?

Though many atheists argue that science disproves the Bible, Christians rightly respond by saying that science can’t even make sense without God. One of the most important pieces of evidence for God is the existence of the universe itself. But Christians often differ on how old the universe and our planet is. In this debate, the speakers will make their best case for either the young earth view or the old earth view. Both speakers agree that it’s important to find out what the Bible teaches about the design of the universe.

Ray Strom

Ray Strom (Young Earth)

Ray Strom is a member of the Creation Science Association of Alberta and the Creation Research Society. He is a consultant to the Answers in Genesis museum in Kentucky, and is a member of Logos Research Associates. Ray also sits on the advisory committee for the geology department at Cedarville University in Ohio.

Ray is an advisor to the Big Valley Creation Science Museum. Ray has organized the Calgary Science for People group and writes a monthly column for City Light News. Ray and his wife attend the Rocky Mountain Calvary Chapel in Calgary.

Lane Koster

Lane Koster (Old Earth)

Lane was born in Edmonton and raised in a pastor’s home. He has a B.A. from the University of Saskatchewan, as well as an M. Div. He is a vetted apologist with Reasons to Believe and co-founded the Calgary chapter of Reasons to Believe. 

While initially assuming Genesis One described six 24 hour days for God to create the earth, a keen interest in sciences like physics, geography and astronomy led him to prayerfully ponder and later conclude that the days in Genesis One were long periods of time, days from God’s perspective, not ours. Later Lane discovered Reasons to Believe. It’s been a fascinating journey of learning and discovery about how God brought the world into existence and then transformed it over billions of years into a planet suitable for advanced life and mankind.